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The Very Best Of - B0028NSE0U

As a member of the successful rock band the Eagles, Don Henley has also had a successful solo musical career. From classic Eagles hits to the wildly successful, Grammy Award winning album The End of the Innocence, Don Henley has left many marks on the musical world. Out of all of the Eagles, he has had the most successful solo career. After the group broke up in 1982, Henley released solo albums, I Can't Stand Still and Building the Perfect Beast with the hits "Boys of Summer" and "All She Wants to Do Is Dance" making Henley a star in his own right. Henley's third album, 1989's The End of the Innocence, was his most ambitious record yet, as well as his most commercially successful. The album sold over three million copies and stayed on the charts for nearly three years, launching the hit singles "The End of the Innocence", "Heart of the Matter", "New York Minute", "How Bad Do You Want It", and "The Last Worthless Evening." Henley reunited with the Eagles in 1994, embarking on a worldwide tour and releasing a live album culled from an appearance on MTV Unplugged called Hell Freezes Over. However, the group decided not to pursue any more projects together and Henley continued working on his fourth solo album, finally issued in mid-2000 under the title Inside Job.

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